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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Our First Fan Letter

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“” wrote:

From the same producers and many of the members of Crown Heights Affair comes the classic “Melodies” by Made in U. S. A. While this LP does not contain the extended version of “Melodies” found on the 12 inch, it does feature some truly smooth tracks that are not to be missed.

Listening to the whole Made In U.S.A. album, especially “Melodies” and “Try Once More,” sounds so sweet, mellow and then downright funky-they just don’t make music like this anymore. If you like Crown Heights Affair’s material, then you’ll get into this.

The Made In U. S. A. lineup on this album is; Jann Harrison – Lead Vocals, Herbert Aikens – Drums and Percussion, Charles Morais – Keyboards, Willie Slaughter – Bass Guitar, Ruben Faison – Lead Guitar, Darryl Gibbs – Alto Sax and Kevin Hood – Tenor Sax.

The musicians hailed from Brooklyn and an old co-worker of mine even knew some of them and recorded a single “Reincarnation Of Love” under the name Coast To Coast with their help in 1983, but my memory is rather hazy as to which one assisted.

Jordirip from “” wrote:

Coast to Coast – Paula Marie / I want you dear (Multi-Sound) serious rare modern groover with crushing deep flip. Proper connoisseurs stuff that you may never see again. (M-) £300

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